Diivanid pruunivärvi velvet diivan elutuppa sisekujundus diivanid mõnus lai ja hubane elutoadiivan sisustus

Sofa Brut right side module, Caramel

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With its brutalist shape, playful height and generous seating areas, it lends body and strength to any space. The smooth curves give it an informal seat, while the low arm and back provide a more open space for optimal relaxation and comfort. The two elements compliment one another in function and personality.

Dimensions: 154x105x71cm

Seating height (cm): 43, Seating depth (cm): 65, Seating width (cm): 117, Armrest height (cm): 57, Backrest height (cm): 69

Color: Royal velvet, Caramel


Brand: HKliving