Peenest mustast pulbervärvitud terasest valmistatud pink on julge ja graafiline igas ruumis. Pingil on 5 kaarjat sahtlit, kus saate hoida ajakirju või jalanõusid. Pingil on lihtne, eristuv ja funktsionaalne Taani disain.
Curved Bench | Black
Curved Bench | Black

Curved Bench | Black

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Made of slick black powder-coated steel the Curved Bench makes a bold and graphic statement in any habitant. The bench also enable you to store your magazines within its curved base. Simple, distinct and functional design - because the world is complex enough. The Curved Bench is also available with a smooth beige powder coating.

Powder coated steel

W110 x L40 x H42 cm

DELIVERY TIME: 3-8 weeks