keraamiline salatikauss pritsmustriga glasuuritud kivikeraamika kööginõud kauss kausid bowls köögitarvikud serveerimis kauss
Ceramic bowl L
Ceramic bowl L
Ceramic bowl L

Ceramic bowl L

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Beautiful splash pattern salad bowl in glazed stoneware with a semi-matte finish. Serving bowl has a unique pattern in green on a white base. The handmade bowl is a beautiful and versatile serving bowl that is perfect for any occasion. All bowls are made by hand making each product unique in pattern, shape and feel. Colours and patterns may therefore vary from bowl to bowl but will make your table setting alive and personal. Available in various sizes.Dishwasher and microwave safe.

Material: 100% stoneware

Dimensions:  Ø30 cm, H 7,5 cm

Made in Portugal

DELIVERY TIME: 3-8 weeks