70ndate stiilis keraamiline teekruus. Ükskõik, kas olete meie 70ndate keraamika esmakordne armastaja või pikaajaline kollektsionäär, alati on ruumi rohkematele. Tohib pesta nõudepesumasinas ja kasutada mikrolainehjus.
Ceramic mug Frost
Ceramic mug Frost
Ceramic mug Frost

Ceramic mug Frost

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Whether you are a first time lover of our 70s ceramics, or a long term collector, there is always room for more. We are really excited to say that more funky colours, new finishes and rusty designs found their way into our 70s ceramics collection!

Dimensions:  7.5x7.5x13cm, capacity: 280ml

Material: stoneware, reactive glaze

Brand: HKliving