Kivikeraamikast valmistatud magustoidutaldrik  magustoidu või eelroa serveerimiseks  reaktiivglassuriga kaetud taldrikud väike taldrik oyster värv  Muubs nõud köögi aksessuaarid
Dessert plate Mame
Dessert plate Mame

Dessert plate Mame

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The Mame Dessert plate with its appetizing Oyster coloured glaze is the ideal presentation for a delicious starter or dessert. The handmade stoneware is durable and great for everyday use. The rough, reactive glaze resembles the sandy dunes at the sea where each is completely unique. The stoneware is treated with a reactive glaze, giving each piece a unique character. Enjoy the playful color variation. Cut marks can occur in use. Suitable for microwave, oven and dishwasher.

Dimensions: Ø17,4xH2,5 cm

Material: Stoneware