Chop chop chop. Alati on vaja lisalõikelauda. Need India mangopuidust valmistatud lõikelauad on isegi ilusad vaadata, kui neid ei kasutata.  Soovitame lõikelauda pesta käsitsi ja võimalusel töödelda tavalise toiduõliga, kui puit aja jooksul tuhmiks muutub.
Cutting board Mango 28x38

Cutting board Mango 28x38

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Chop chop chop. An extra cutting board is always needed. These boards made of Indian mango wood are even beautiful to look at when not in use. Mango wood can have a rather unique surface thanks to the wide range of colors the heartwood can have as well as the visible grain patterns and knots. Therefore, the boards do not all look the same. We recommend washing the item by hand and possibly treating it with ordinary cooking oil if the wood becomes dull over time.

28x38 cm