Lõunamaisest kodukujundusest inspireeritud mangopuust diivan-voodi on kombinatsioon ainulaadsest disainist ning mugavusest. See diivan annab sinu õueistumisele täiesti uue hingamise ja lõõgastumise ilme!

Mango Sofa Morena

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Enjoy a day with relaxation and comfort with this daybed Morena. It is the perfect combination of unique design and great comfort. It is inspired by the southern home decor and will provide your outdoor area with a casual look. It also allows you to sit upright as the backrest provides support in the back – but it is also possible to lie down and relax after a long day.

H: 60 cm W: 180 cm D: 70 cm
backrest height 26 cm

mango wood

Max 150 kg

DELIVERY TIME: 2 - 4 weeks