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MARO scented soy candle Dhalia & Cinnamon

MARO scented soy candle Dhalia & Cinnamon

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This is the jovial, feel-good fragrance that lights up even the gloomiest of days. Sweet & spicy, floral & powdery - it’s an accomplished and sublime companion for cold fall/winter-days with its heat, cozyness and sensuality. Dahlia with its divine and sweet scent together with the aromal and fiery cinnamon is a match made in nirvana! ❤ A superb choice to sparkle during any lavish occasion as well as composing a feel of luxury and magic into an ordinary day. You can enjoy this beautiful candle for up to 45 hours.

240 g

Made in Estonia, from natural and pure soy wax, which is 100% vegan and does not contain harmful substances.

The candles are handmade.