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MARO scented soy candle Kale & Pear

MARO scented soy candle Kale & Pear

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Oh my, what a celestial experience! It truly feels like a scent from heaven - so fresh and fragrant and at the same time, truly poignant and elegant. This candle will uplift and lighten your mood in an instance and bring you to an atmosphere of summerly festivity and vacation. What a beautiful balance the sweetness and succulence of pear and freshness of kale are fashioning - simply otherworldly combination! ❤ An ideal bounty of joy in the dark, cold and rainy weather - genuinely soothing and shielding. You can enjoy this beautiful candle for up to 45 hours.

240 g

Made in Estonia, from natural and pure soy wax, which is 100% vegan and does not contain harmful substances.

The candles arehandmade.