Ajatu ja maalähedase disainiga kaunis sügav taldrik, mis sobib igaks sündmuseks. Keraamiline taldrik on valmistatud käsitsi ja sellel on ilus glasuur, kus värv ilmub alles pärast plaadi põletamist. Kõik Centro nõud on käsitsi valmistatud, ning iga toode on värvi, kuju ja iseloomu poolest ainulaadne. Taldrikuid võib pesta nõudepesumasinas ja kasutada mikrolaineahjus.
Deep plate  Centro Ø21,5 cm
Deep plate  Centro Ø21,5 cm
Deep plate  Centro Ø21,5 cm

Deep plate Centro Ø21,5 cm

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Beautiful deep plate in a timeless and rustic design that is suitable for any occasion. Setting the table with Centro is an easy way to create a beautiful and inviting table setting. Our deep stoneware plate is made by hand and has a beautiful glaze where the colour only appears after the plate has been burned. This makes each Centro plate unique in colour, shape and character. Colours may therefore change from plate to plate but that will make your table setting vibrant and personal. Centro is beautiful by on its own but can be combined endlessly with our other stoneware ranges. Dishwasher and microwave safe.

21,5 x 21,5 x 4,3cm

Ø21.5 cm