Tiikpuu ja nahk on fantastilised materjalid, õige hoolduse korral kestab teie mööbel pikka aega, vananeb ja muutub iga aastaga kaunimaks. Ärge asetage tooli ühelegi soojusallikale liiga lähedale, vältimaks naha pleekimist või kuivamist, ärge asetage seda ka otsese päikesevalguse kätte. Nahahooldus – tõmmake tolmuimejaga või pühkige sageli puhta kuiva pehme lapiga. Kasutage plekkide puhastamiseks pehmet, niisket lappi destilleeritud veega. Laske õhu käes kuivada.
Teak lounge chair Sienna brown
Teak lounge chair Sienna brown

Teak lounge chair Sienna brown

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A scandinavian mid-century look made for all occasions and lot of different spaces. Teak and leather are fantastic materials, with the correct care and maintenance your furniture will have a long life, and age and get more beautiful each year. Do not place the furniture too close to any source of heat and to avoid the leather from fading or drying out also do not place in direct sunlight. Leather care – Vacuum or dust frequently with clean, dry soft cloth. Use soft, damp cloth with mild non-detergent soap and distilled water to clean spots. Let air dry. Do not use saddle soap, detergents, cleaning solvents, oils, abrasive cleaners or ammonia on the leather. The leather in our lines is produced with vegetable tanning. Vegetable tanning uses tannins, which occur naturally in the plants. Leather using vegetable tanning are usually firmer and less flexible. The teak we are using comes from cultivated wood in Indonesia. Treat the wood with a clean, dry and soft cloth.