Poster "Dry Reeds And Feathers"
Poster "Dry Reeds And Feathers"

Poster "Dry Reeds And Feathers"

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Love Warriorsi poster hea kvaliteediga paberil. 

40 x H 30 cm
70 x H 50 cm
100 x H 70 cm

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"Dried reed and feathers poster is a nice poster with reed and feathers against a light background. We have chosen to put them in a row alternately. It gives you a picture that fits well in, for example, the summer house or on your glass porch.
We hope you enjoy it.

Captured and produced by Love Warriors creative team.

All our posters are printed in Sweden on a luxury fine art 240 gsm uncoated premium paper, with a matte finish to guarantee the highest printing quality. Our paper is FSC certified and age-resistant. Our print house is environmentally certified according to ISO 14001 and Svanen certified."