Poster "Integrity" 50x70
Poster "Integrity" 50x70
Poster "Integrity" 50x70

Poster "Integrity" 50x70

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Saadavus: laos

Love Warriorsi poster kvaliteetpaberil.

50 x 70 cm

Tootjapoolne kirjeldus:

"No fear in the armours of others. No shame in the fence of my own. My aura, my shelter, my un-cracked shell. Needed to confine and secure. A shell keeps the tides at bay. Respect my boundaries.

Integrity – a tribute to the right to remain introvert and protected. Without shame or having to hide in the shadows. It is a strength to hold your armour high, bear your armour with pride. Your honesty is your actions."

Hope is a series of photo art produced by Love Warriors as a tribute to various strengths we need in life. Captured by the Swedish photographer Niklas Nyman.