Poster "Torero" 70x100
Poster "Torero" 70x100
Poster "Torero" 70x100

Poster "Torero" 70x100

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Saadavus: laos

Love Warriorsi poster moodsal tyvek paberil, mis on tugev ja veekindel. Autentsuse tagamiseks on postrile pressitud tempel.

70 x H 100 cm

Tootjapoolne kirjeldus:

"”Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage. – Anai’s Nin
the warriors says: Cherish the battles you encounter. They will strengthen your armour of wisdom. Be humble and light will heal your wounds. Rise and shine like a warrior of love.

A LW & Tove Frank co-operation. "

TARNEAEG: 2 - 6 nädalat